The Yard Studios Winchester
Anna Dora
I’m an Icelandic artist based in Winchester, Hampshire. I paint abstract, passionate paintings influenced by the mysticism of my home country. I am particularly fascinated with texture and the variations in depth and dimension that allow my paintings to come to life: evolving and reacting to changes in light. I layer with paint, with Icelandic lava dust to create a hard, rough texture and with salt that flowers into beautiful crystals. All meet in my paintings, creating contrasts of softness and beauty.

Anything to do with Mother Earth is my subject. Her colours and texture naturally appear in my work creating an unusual, ethereal, celestial scene.

Colours and admiration for beauty in all its forms have always been a passion in my life.

My paintings are very personal to me and represent the story of my life. I paint what I’m feeling at any day or moment, using my paintings as an emotional photograph.

I love to explore my art through the viewers eyes and to hear them recount their visual adventures.